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Parents Arrested After Allegedly Forcing 5-Year-Old To Drink Mouthwash Because He Was Thirsty

Written by Wamiq Ali

A 4-year-old boy was forced to drink mouthwash when he told parents that he was thirsty. This family is from Wisconsin, the police charged the parents for allegedly forcing the child to drink mouthwash. 25-year-old Tyriese Howard and his girlfriend 23-year-old Breya Allen were arrested in hospital when the blood alcohol level of their son was 0.2 and this high blood alcohol level served as an alarm for the doctors. The level is 3 times more than the legally allowed limit of blood alcohol.

The child was taken into police care after the parents got arrested where he told the police that he often used to drink toilet water when his thirst used to get out of control. Police after an investigation found in doctor’s report the abusive marks on the child body which gave them a clue about the past alleged abusive behaviour of parents towards the kid. 

5-year-old and the two siblings who are six-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy, told the police, their dad and Allen whom they called “mom” used to hit and attack them with coat hangers, shoes and multiple other household objects. Some resources also state that the parents used to choke them and abuse them physically.

Children told police that they were instructed by parents not to tell anyone about the physical abuse because “snitches get switches”.

The parents are currently charged with child abuse and the kids are staying with a foster family. Neither of these parents has any criminal history.

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