Parent Child Relationship – What Parents Should Take Care Of!

A child in shape of son or a daughter is actually a worthy gift. Parents are damn careful about their child and they want him to be best amongst the children in the town. But in the whole race of growing up, study, games, character and success they actually forget so many things which must not be forgotten and ignored. Rather should be kept in mind when you are dealing with a small brain which takes impact so quickly. Yes, most of the children get ignored in the Parent Child Relationship and then they start to loose the real confidence in themselves. I may not be perfect in every case but I felt the anomaly so I thought to write it up.

Parent Child Relationship – Facts to be kept in mind:

I’ll make the relationship, between parent and child, a base and using this base I am going to discuss those harsh realities which most of the kids face because of either generation gap or else due to some unsorted reasons.

Don’t Compare your child with others:

Do not compare kidsThe worst part comes when you start to compare your child with the others. Because of the reason you stop to realise that he has got his very own personality which can be intelligently polished by you. Every human has some specific capabilities which can’t be ignored at all but need to be identified. A positive approach is a key to everything, if you remain positive about your child and try to polish his own skills by trying to make his false points less than before then surely he will feel more confident that the “Authority” means you; is with him. Never compare your child with the others, because no one has same abilities and same clicking power.

If you are not of their age, then at least try to think like them:

The headline may seem quite astonishing to you but actually the sole purpose of this headline is to let parents decide more wisely for their children by getting lower to the child mentality level. Most of the parents never explain the practical realities to the child by thinking that he is small in age but in most cases the mild practical realities must be first shared with the children rather then shocking them later. If you child is scare of something and detests something then try to find the reason, and try to cultivate a poise in his habits. Again I must say here the friendly attitude matters a lot.

Often Generation Gap becomes the Problem – Keep an eye on child:

90-s parents

Generation gap is a problem for those kids of nineties (90’s) who are now in an advanced world but their parents still live in that world where the technology seemed to be impossible. Today, we are at the part where we are going to get wearable technologies like Google glass, which is a revolution. But what will happen if the parents don’t know that what their teenage kids are doing with the smart gadgets. Surely this is alarming if a wise person, who knows what life is, isn’t capable of knowing that in which activity his child is taking part. Parents often never come to know that what their children are doing over the internet or over the social networking sites like Facebook. They are typically unaware of the child security over the internet, because a small mind can cope with all the frauds.

Avoiding the negativity and mess from your child life (Teenager):

Most parents forget this part, they think him still a child but in most cases the teenager child is going to many mature stages of life. LikeTeenager Facing Relationship Problem a relationship, a hard time (Which he thinks so), ignorance from friends etc. Typically we all feel odd if we start to face such things but here parents often don’t come across the fact that what real problem is! Again this can happen because of two things:

  1. Either you are unaware of the internet life of child!
  2. Or else you are harsh enough that he never thinks to share with you!

Both the reason strongly affect his life, int his modern age of internet and fast communication. You should be like a friend to him and this should not happen that a friend of him knows him more than you! This is a complete disaster because you will not be able to guide him properly and this whole misunderstanding may cause a huge problem to his social life. Don’t scold him too much that he may be afraid to share with you that what is actually happening inside him. Rather be like a friend and show him the attitude that you really want to solve his/her problem. Show him that you are actually there every time to listen to him.

Respect his own Creativity and Will:

Child Creativity

You should respect his own will and creativity rather than imposing your own will on his career, life and way he thinks. A teenage or a child can’t do things which he or she actually detests. You can’t force him to study if he doesn’t know that what is study meant for and why should he spend his energy to get knowledge. Unless you are a friend to him and at the same time having an eye on him, you can’t be a perfect parent.

Don’t Give your child way too much attention:

Giving your child way too much care and attention will actually spoil him and he won’t be able to get the harsh reality of the world outside where there is a war among the people for the sake of attainment of status and money. Let him experience the outerworld with a lesson that the one who does bad actually gets bad in the end. Try to give them a practical approach rather than just scolding them over same mistakes again and again.

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