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Paratrooper’s M249S is now available on the civilian market & watch it in action!

Written by Wamiq Ali

We all know that the debate of gun control is under discussion in America after a few of the civilians were found to be involved in terrorist activities. A few of the Hollywood celebrities were also endorsing the ‘bill of the gun control’ to be approved by the American Senate. However the opinion of common people is totally different and not in accordance with these rhetorics, people think that the gun control bill should condone off the people from the expected misuse rather than banning the guns as a whole. This is a discussion for another time but today will review a semi-automatic gun which has found its way into this civilion market. The purchases and buyers of this gun a very much excited and a few of them have also uploaded the review videos.

The latest edition of the ‘military collector series’is as close as a civilian owning a real military gadget. This M249S Para is a civilian version of the paratrooper model of popular FN SAW which is used by the airborne forces.

M249S has been launched by FN American, John Keppeler the Vice President of the organization dealing the sales and marketing department has discussed the changes which were made to this gun before launching it in the civilian market.

You’ll notice only two major differences between the semi- and full-auto versions – the barrel length and reconfigured internal components to change the rifle’s operation from open-bolt to closed-bolt.

The weight of the gun is around 17lbs which is quite close to the fixed stock model. However, it has a 16.1 inches barrel instead of the 18.5 inches. Sources suggest that a person can own this gun for around $8.8K, and that makes us make an exit from the written description, let’s take you to the video.

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