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A PanCake 3D Printer – Making Steve Wozniak and Spider Man Shaped Pancakes

What good may happen other than totally revolutionising the breakfast mechanism? Well, that cute kid of yours whom you said, I’ll eat you down, well now actually you can eat him. Not just in literal means, but actually in PanCakes way. Yes, you can print his pancake in this “PanCake 3D printer” which works on a simple principle, the longer you bake, the darker it gets. Thus, giving any printed pancake its correct colours and textures.

Obviously, the process starts from the computer, you need the pancake 3d printer software installed on your computer. This software helps you create graphics. These graphics are made in shades of light brown to the dark brown. You need to choose your colours accordingly and wisely. Then the file is transferred to the pancake 3d printer through the SD Card. The pancake 3d printer identifies the file and then prints out the pancake version.

In the above picture you can see how the face of spiderman is printed from the pancake 3d printer into the reality. This is eatable and the amount of joy this can bring on the face of the children is so immense. On the right hand, the Startrek symbolic R2-D2 can be seen, I myself loved this concept. All you need is to draw something on the supporting software, and the thing can come into the reality.

Users can also choose the template of the arts through thousands of available templates. The templates include the team logos and your many other favourite items. So now you can impress any guest through the way he/she watches the things, like suppose if someone is a fan of some football club, then why not print him something similar. The price of this printer is around $300 which is not worth the money currently I guess. However, that totally depends on your needs and your passion.

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