Pair Under Influence Attacked Flies Mistaking Them for Alien Lasers With Fire Power

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A couple was sent behind bars for firing at fireflies after mistaking them for alien lasers, because they were under influence of bath Salt.

Police officers told that 30-year-old Jesse Shields and 22-year-old Katherine McCloskey were high on bath salts during a strange chain of events that took place early Saturday morning.

According to a report, they are resident of Clinton County and had a “bad trip”. They believed that fireflies were green lasers being shot by aliens who chasing them down.

According to the State Police Shields fired in response to the lasers and then ran to a nearby building on Long Run Road in Lamar Township, a place where he requested a person to contact the police because something or someone was after him.

The person called 911 to ask for the police’s help and while he was doing it, the guy started shouting and running and then broke the window, only to get into another guy’s house.

State Police say the owner of that house was able to get the firearm from Shields, who asked if he could use his bath to get the “alien goo” off his body because it was melting his skin. Shields and McCloskey are both looking at a slew of charges, including burglary, criminal trespass, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct.

Both of then failed to post bail and were taken to the Clinton County Prison.

Bath Salt can be easily abused and is being used by many of the new generation. As these intoxicants can get one high very easily, they are extremely dangerous to one’s health.

The couple is set to appear before the local court next friday, where they will face all of the above-mentioned charges. The story is quite unique in nature and hilarious. However, a sensible person would take pity on the couple for getting hight so such a stupid extent.

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