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Owner who punched puppy and slammed head onto patio is JAILED

Written by Logical Men

A monstrous garbage-person was recorded on camera beating and slamming a poor young dog onto the concrete patio. Her reason for this horrible act was that the dog spilled her coffee in the garden.

Joanne Hosking, 41, from St Ives in Cornwall, pleaded guilty to hurting the dog named Edie last July.

She was jailed for eighteen-weeks. According to RSPCA, the poor puppy was picked up to a shoulder height and was thrown on the patio two-times, later she punched the puppy.

The puppy was merely 12 months old on the date of this horrible crime.

The video was shown as an evidence in the court hearing, in which the dog was seen being beaten and crying around the garden.

It was revealed in the medical evaluation of the dog that it suffered a dislocated hip, which lasted for seven days and it would have caused an unbearable pain to the dog.

The dog underwent an operation for removal of the part of the joint.

Mrs. Hosking and her husband bot are banned from keeping any animal.

What kind of horrible person could hurt a dog like that? The criminal got off easily with only 18 weeks, she should have been taught a proper lesson.

If one is so cruel or impulsive then they shouldn’t keep any pets in first place. Pets are like children and abusing them hurt their feeling and emotions as well. I feel sorry for the dog for what it had to go through.

The case was prosecuted by RSPCA and the video of the incident was captured by the neighbor who reported it to the authorities.

Magistrates in Bodmin, Cornwall, came to the conclusion that she deliberately tried to cause the dog pain and for that reason, she was jailed for 18 weeks in prison.

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