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Overprotective woman curates list of rules for allowing husband to attend bachelor party

Internet is an amazing thing, something once uploaded on it, has a potential to go viral if it’s relate to a number of people. This woman just redefined the meaning of the world Overprotective. She went to Facebook and shared a list of rules which she had made for her husband regarding his attendance in the bachelor parties. The rules which she made might sound weird to those who are not married and happen to be single. However, the other class of men aka married-men would find it quite relatable to some extent. If someone finds it purely relatable then this is a red signal, just saying.

This grown up husband has been given a set of strange conditions. He is being forced to certain conditioning raised by his wife. The wife also based her conditions, to allow her husband to attend a bachelor party, on the religion as well. The starting caption of the conditions by the wife goes like this, “I’m more than happy for him to go to the bachelor party, but we are Christians so I was thinking of a writing a set of rules for all the men to follow. Let me know if I’ve missed something.

A wife uploaded these conditions for a husband to attend a bachelor party on Facebook. She wrote these conditions as a requirement for him to go to the party.

Any sane man would think that after giving this ultimatum, the wife would have allowed her hubby to leave the house for sake of enjoying his life to the fullest on the bachelor party. However, things normally don’t happen as expected and something on similar note happened here, the wife didn’t allow her husband to go to the party despite all these conditions.

Apparently, her friends on Facebook share their concerns of caging the wishes of a man. She listened to those suggestions and instead of straightening out her perception of a perfect relation, she tried to further control her man by not letting her go to the party. Time reports that the ancient Spartans in Greek city-states arrangement, back in the day, were the oldest recorded people to celebrate the last night of the groom.

We’re sorry Spartans! both for your war-like attitude (reference goes to Athens) as well as breaking your tradition of bachelor party.

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