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Outraged driver of ‘Mercedes AMG’ attempts to run over cop in Times Square

Written by Wamiq Ali

Look at that encounter, the driver was outraged enough to try and attempt to kill a cop. This Mercedes got captured in a road rage. The driver was already drifting on the streets of the New York. He was driving rashly and for that reason, it was a must for the police to pull him over.
In fact, after the driver drifted on the road one of the police officers came right next to the car. The officer wanted to pull over the car but the driver had no option other than trying to run over the officer.

As soon as the officer grabbed the front bonnet of the car the driver paddled the accelerator and the officer could do nothing but to get knocked down to the road. The driver of the Mercedes escaped the encounter with this officer but the officer decided to chase the car on foot. So he kept on running behind the car.

There were other Police officers who also noticed the attempted assault on their fellow officer. The entire happening was captured by a passerby who apparently seemed to be travelling on a hoverboard. The video was shot quite stable and there is no motion blurs, it’s indeed strange.

After watching the video you might realise that the officer was merely doing his duty. The car driver might be some erratic guy who wanted to prove himself to be beyond and above the law. The rash driving might have caused some serious accident.

Police might have noted down the number of the car, or who knows, there might be some fake number plate installed on the rear side. We’ll update this thread once more story gets developed around this particular road rage involving Mercedes.

Well, I don’t know the reason behind the guy filming the entire scene but still, he got some serious skills. Damn stable footage! The guy must be on wheels.

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