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Outrage as another missionary enters no-go-tribe’s land

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The Brazilian authorities are worried about a missionary as he entered the no-go-land of the tribe. This American missionary is being not held by the authorities and being questioned. In the past, such incident had happened with the residents of Sentinelese islands. The story was covered by TalkOfWeb’s publisher Logical Men because of the interest of people in the life style of those which don’t have a contact with the world. The Indian authorities later tried to recover this guy who had entered the Sentinelese Island but failed to do so.

A missionary with Greene Baptist Church were questioned by officials from FUNAI

Steve Campbell along with the other guys of missionary were questioned by the authorities of FUNAI. This is the Brazilian government department of indigenous affairs. There are reports that he could be tried for the genocide. According to the Brazilian press, Mr. Campbell had entered the territory of Hi-Merima tribe. He reportedly made a visit to the tribal camps of FUNAI which were located by authorities to monitor the uncontacted tribe’s territory.

The news broke out after two months of the incident which had happened in Sentinelese island. Allen Chau had visited the tribe which lives in Indian Ocean in an attempt to convert them to Christianity, little did he know that he would lose his life. Campbell was later interviewed and questioned as he tried to defend himself. He said that he tried to enter the territory of Hi-Merima Indians in order to teach them usage of GPS. According to Survival International press release, the appointment of new minister in charge of the indigenous affairs would prop up missioners to visit the uncontacted people, as uncontacted people are most vulnerable people on the planet.

Fundamentalist Christian American missionaries must be stopped from this primitive urge to contact previously uncontacted tribes. It may lead to the martyrdom they seek, but it always ends up killing tribespeople. (said the director of Survival International)

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