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Out-of-control Chinese space station to hit Earth over Easter

The decommissioned Chinese space station ‘Tiangong-1’ is heading down to earth and according to the speculations it is likely to crash into Austrailia and is likely to happen during the Easter long weekend.

English meaning of its name is ‘celestial palace’. It was launched in 2011 and was decommissioned after fulfilling its scientific purpose. The decommissioning happened in 2016.

There has been a rumor since after the decommissioning China has lost the communication to the space station. It is massive in size and ways 8.5 tons.

‘It seems they lost communication link to the space station so there is no data link,’ Dr. Xiaofeng Wu from Sydney University told ABC.

10 to 40 percent of space station will survive

Dr. Xiaofeng is a well-known space engineer, he has explained that if there is such scenario where the link to the space station is lost, then the engineers have no power in the determination of the place of its landing.

Since the time of the space station being decommissioned, it has been gradually coming down toward the earth.

As China is very secretive about such missions, it is not possible to determine the current status of the connection of their engineers with the space station.

According to the current calculations Australia, Africa, South America, the majority of the USA, and Southeast Asia are all under the possibility of being hit by the space station.

When the space station will enter into the earth’s atmosphere it will look like a fireball.

If it lands in a populated area, it can result in a diplomatic chaos or even worse. There are already great tensions between the various countries and China. The likely scenario is that if it lands in Australia, Australia may send China a bill for littering like they did to the USA when parts of Skylab landed in their desert.

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