Organize Emails All At One Place – Outlook 2013

So you are an internet geek or else you are a business man who really needs to organize his emails all at one place. Microsoft outlook 2013 comes into play which can help you a lot to do the following things:

  1. Compose New Emails
  2. Send Attachments by Right Clicking things at your Desktop
  3. Reply to all the emails in a good font and good composing technique
  4. Get all the emails notifications at the desktop (Windows 8)
  5. Search the emails content quickly
  6. Organize emails in a better way
  7. Quickly Add multiple email accounts all in one place
  8. Easily Add signature at the end of your emails
  9. Connect your social networks to the office 2013’s outlook and never miss any update

Taking a Start with Office 2013 to organize emails:

The new outlook 2013 is very amazing when it comes to speed and an attractive interface. I am also using it and never found it to lag my daily tasks rather I found it always helping to let me reply to all my emails in a short time. After you have purchased the office 2013 you can make use of outlook 2013. But you can also try it on trial basis. So, Go for the trial first and then come back to the permanent version. After you have installed the office you need to attach the email accounts to the outlook 2013 so that you may receive the emails at your desktop. The configuration for your incoming and outgoing emails is automatically done. You just need to do some clicks.

Outook 2013Here you can easily add your new account to the outlook by clicking the “Add New” similarly by clicking the “File” to come back here you can also add your other email accounts.

At the same time you can attach your social accounts to the outlook 2013 also. Thus you will never miss any other emails out of your social life.

A clean inbox with Side Composing options in outlook 2013:

Outlook 2013 Inbox and Composing ScreenThe UI is clean and you can easily click on the new emails at the left windows and can reply them from the right window with quite an ease. Now you can also get the amazing composing tools to write the best eye catchy emails. You can easily color down the headings and can highlight the text in the emails.

At the same time you canĀ  move your emails to the important folder so you can organize emails in a better way than before. You don’t need to fireup the browser again and again and look for various other accounts to get the emails. You can use all the emails accounts at one same place. By clicking the all folders you can easily access the other accounts too. You should install and try it at your own. Don’t loose hope till you don’t understand how to use it more professionally.

Also you can easily send the images or any other thing to your friends VIA the email attachment by just right clicking the image or any specific thing and sending it VIA Email. You can also do some quick search so that you may find the email which may have been lost. Just put the search term and it will look for you in all the received and sent emails.