Oprah Winfrey hints to run for president in 2020 & thinks that Americans are with her, are you?

Written by Wamiq Ali

Oprah Winfrey has teased the Americans with a new revelation, “She can be running for 2020 presidential election.” She fueled the anticipation on Thursday and hinted to be a candidate for 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. It’s worth noting that she got declared as someone important for the presidential role by a famous media outlet. Yes! Newyork Post in a recent publication has declared Oprah Winfrey to be someone suitable for the next president.

She has, in fact, thanked the media outlet for giving her a vote of confidence. On her twitter, she even shared the link to the publication and endorsed the message to be carrying some importance for her present stance.

Winfrey’s tweet and the Nypost publication didn’t earn a lot of support on the social media. People started sharing the article with negative remarks and they even mentioned Winfrey tweet as a dream which she should better forget. However, there were popular people on Twitter who actually supported Winfrey.

Oprah you know that you have my vote and I will work hard to make you the First Woman President of the USA!!! What do you think?” – tweeted Jorge Mendoza

Oprah, I think you would be phenomenal. Suggest you start in Congress (Senate perhaps?) to learn the ropes. Do it!!!” – Marie Smith tweeted

However, John Lamb tweeted that she can’t be fit to run a public office having a prior experience in a different field. The general public opinions can be different and that can only be anticipated if you people let us know about yourself in the comments.

Winfrey had earned a lot of hate back in 2016 November after she had tweeted a picture of Trump sharing a meeting with Obama.

The caption of the tweet wasn’t much welcomed by the internet and they thought that Winfrey was being vitriolic in her remarks.

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