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Omar: Next president should declare emergency on first day because of climate change

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The representative Ilhan Omar has been in news for quite a time because of her stance for the Palestinians. She is skeptical about the Israel and prefers to see the middle East in peace. The middle East has faced quite a lot of wrath and things haven’t been the same in the region since the civil conflict started after the Arab spring started. There are different kinds of groups which are present in the Syria and almost every group is present for some cause. Ilhan Omar has tried to support the cause of Israel and for that she has faced a lot of criticism. In a recent statement she faced the ire of the media and several representatives as she maintained that there was some pro Israel lobby in the government of America which does the lobbying on the basis of the dollars. Later she had to ask for an apology as her statement had brought national resentment.

This time after the president declaration of the emergency, Ilhan Omar has decided to remind the world about the importance of the climate change. According to her the change in climate is real and this particular belief is reflected from her recent statement.

Our next President should declare a #NationalEmergency on day 1 to address the existential threat to all life on the planet posed by Climate Change, (said Ilhan Omar in a tweet)

The president’s bold move has already jolted the courts as many parties have sued the president for his bold step. President also knew beforehand that this was a needed step for expediting the entire process of fund allocation. This particular tweet of Ilhan comes as America has already withdraw itself from the Paris climate accord. Trump has attempted to revive the coal plants which generate the electricity. In order to oppose the Trump policies Ilhan has obtained a new ground. Bernie Sanders is quite positive about the climate change issue. People know that Bernie Sanders is up and running for the 2020 president, this is the agenda for which he stands.

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