OJ Simpson Finally ‘confesses to murdering wife Nicole Brown

Written by Wamiq Ali

The famous case of Oj Simpson has finally come to a new turn, the guy has revealed how he would have hypothetically murdered his own wife. Orenthal James Simpson finally made some revealings and Daily Mail reported that he had become angry with Nicole in the weeks before the murders. Simpson became angry on the day of the murder when he was told by the doctor that Resnick and possibly Nicole had been going to the rehab while at a dance recital for his daughter Sydney.

It must be kept in mind that Simpson is being indicted for the murder of Nicole (his wife) and Resnick. That night, when he learned about the rehab, Simpson decided to confront his wife. Things got worse when Simpson saw a man arriving to meet his wife whom he didn’t know before, Ron Goldman. The husband and the wife were yelling at each other, during this heated fight Goldman brought a knife and threatened Simpson. The knife was taken from Nicole’s home. According to Simpson, at this moment he blacked out and when he woke up he was covered in blood, thus he quickly fled with Charlie. Simpson had left his two children alone in the home with their dead mother bleeding due to the stabbed wounds.

According to Daily Mail, what so ever the football player said is hypothetical but it is ‘tantamount to a confession’. Simpson had his lawyer call Judith Regan and said flat-out Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, as said by Regan. Judith Regan is the woman who published a book on Simpson, “If I did it.”

TMZ has even got a revealing clip which will be aired on the show “OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?,” this show will be made live on Sunday on Fox. According to the TMZ, the clip is likely not to appear in the show as it’s an outtake. It’s believed that OJ Simpson is going to make dramatic claims in Fox special to air on Sunday evening and he runs through a hypothetical situation in which he killed his wife. You watch the video yourself and decide:

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