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Off-duty Texas police officer blasts ‘Black Pageant Winner’, his friend uses racial slurs and then he arrests her for a stupid reason!

Written by Wamiq Ali

Off-duty Texas officer arrested Carmen Ponder, the 2016 Miss Black Texas U.S. Ambassador when she told his friend that it was illegal of him to let his 14-year-old daughter drive a car. The incident took a strange turn when the whole incident got painted with “Black Lives Matter” slogan. The Police officers involved had to resign, afterwards.

The afternoon of 20th May, Ponder, a law student at Texas A&M, had a traffic incident with someone identified as Crews. Later, she reached Walmart and an off-duty police officer named Beane approached her for the incident. Ponder said that Beane had cut her off as he attempted to teach his daughter to drive. Ponder told Beane that the teenager shouldn’t be driving, as a result, Beane got angry and called her a “Black Bitch“. On contrary, the police report included the word, Black. Beane was Commerce ISD school board trustee before he resigned after the incident.

During this conversation, Beane spotted Crews who was in the parking lot of Walmart and was off-duty wearing plain clothes. Crews ordered Ponder to answer Beane’s questions and she refused. The video of the whole incident got released and people are happy that no one escaped justice because of the age of video cameras.

The whole story starts here, and Ponder can be seen in the video standing with two men, one of which flashes his police badge. Ponder calls someone, which might be her lawyer, said, “I have someone who says they’re an officer trying to detain me. He’s the friend of a guy who called me a black bitch at the Walmart parking lot. He’s telling me that I’m being detained and he’s waiting for officers to get here. I’m trying to get in my car and leave. They stood outside and waited for me to come outside. They’re blocking the door“.

Ponder calls her lawyer

After this a police car appeared in the scene, Crew tried to exit but Crews held her off the door. The Ponder said that she wanted to go to the arrived police car and explain the situation, but instead, Crews ordered the arrived police officer to arrest the woman. Ponder then started shouting a number to the lady at the counter. Crews ordered Ponder again to explain things in front of the police officer who just had arrived, but Ponder refused and said that she might like to talk to someone else. She was charged with evading arrest and the charges are long been dropped.

Ponder getting arrested

The Crews resigned too afterwards, for he couldn’t bear the weight of Police Chief’s position. He said that he got emotional and he couldn’t expect the response which he was given by the lady. Watch the video below:

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