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Obama sides with poor-migrants & calls out Trump’s anti-migrant policies

Written by Logical Men

Meanwhile Trump has decided to not side with the migrants and he has also threatened people coming from Guatemala etc. to face some military wrath. Trump has started the America First policy and he feels like steering the nation towards a path of self-interest and self-help; as realist perspective states. Obama amidst all the Trump’s statement has shared his views recently. He has labelled Trump’s statement against the migrants as a political stunt.

Obama said that Trump wants civilians to believe that a bunch of poor, impoverished and broke migrants can become a cause of threat to the America. He shared his thoughts during a rally for the Democratic senator Joe Donnelly in Indiana. Obama strongly believes that Trump has started rhetoric against migrants in a bid to get a better vote count for republicans in the mid-term election.

Pentagon had earlier released a statement that it was about to deploy more than 5,2000 troops because of the Trump’s direction to confront the women, men and children attempting to cross the border. These migrants are travelling through Mexico to reach America in an attempt to escape violence and poverty in Central America. Trump calls it as an invasion of migrants. Trump has taken many decisions to undo the efforts of Obama administration. Trump believes that his America First policy is for the betterment of Americans. He started a trade war with China and put NAFTA and Trans-Pacific trade agreements on the re-negotiation table. Trump also steered America out of many military funds which it was supposed to pay for strengthening the military of ally countries. Obama criticizes all these policies and wants America to maintain the status quo and become a global leader of globalisation. Trump in the UN speech seemed to be fedup of the entire idea of globalisation. The trade wars are to push American industries on an upwards trend and the Paris climate accord exit is to revive the American coal power houses.

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