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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un says ICBM a ‘gift’ to ‘American b—tards’ on their July 4 anniversary

Written by Wamiq Ali

North Korea is against the U.S. policies since long and after several failed attempts of a workable intercontinental ballistic missile, finally, a successful experiment was carried out in Pyongyang. The news was conveyed as a threat to the America.

On this moment, Pyongyang official media agency cited Kim Jong Un, who after the successful experiment said:

North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile test is a “gift to American b**tards” on their independence day.

The statement was rather direct and more likely a threat to America. The missile is designed to survive the re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere which means it has quite a long range of the target. Currently, all the media reports are released by KCNA and their reporters were present at the site of the experiment. It’s told that Kim Jong Un said that the Americans won’t be happy for the gift of ICBM which they sent on 4th of July. After that, he chuckled and showed his interest in sending such gifts occasionally to America.

File photo of North Korean leader. Credits: AFP

North Korea’s ICBM is capable of carrying large nuclear warhead:

According to KCNA, the North Korea’s missile can carry nuclear warheads. It can also survive re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere even while carrying these nuclear warheads. According to the North Korean’s scientists, the device can reach Alaska without much effort. Kim himself tested the missile, named as the Hwasong-14 missile, and called it as handsome as a good-looking boy.

The range of latest North Korean ICBM

The graphic image estimates the range of projectile to be around 6700. North Korea was trying for several years to directly threaten U.S. despite all the sanctions of United Nations. The temperature inside missile cone was estimated to remain in the range of 25-30 degrees which will ensure the correct delivery of nuclear warhead.

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