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North Korean nuclear efforts against America kills 200 N Koreans amidst a nuclear test site

Written by Wamiq Ali

North Korea is trying hard to become a strong opponent against America and for the very reason, it’s continuously trying to conduct successful nuclear tests. Last month they had a successful experiment of the Intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile which was a way to threat America and Trump. Trump in his various tirades against North Korea has tried to warn them of an upcoming war. The bellicose remarks of the leaders of both countries could lead to contingent ramifications.

In a recent news as released by South Korea, it’s reported that nearly 200 North Korean workers are dead or trapped because of a nuclear test site failed experiment beneath a tunnel. There are currently 100 people who got trapped inside this tunnel which was meant to be constructed for nuclear tests. The rescue team is facing difficulties and there are reports of them getting trapped inside the destroyed tunnel as well. There are no further details provided in the reports and since we don’t have much access in North Korea that’s why we are more relied upon the South Korean media for this news.

They might be conducting some nuclear test or there might be some other anomaly which might have caused the tunnel to collapse. Since, prior to construction of things in this modern world, possible simulations and calculations are carried out and there is the least chance of destruction of any structure prior to any use during the construction due to an accident. 

The thing worthy of consideration is the result of the expert analysis. The North Korean sites might have been fatigued as a result of continuous nuclear tests which can be dangerous for the other countries in the region. A collapse can happen anytime and that can result in radiation, the extent of such a collapse can’t be determined at this moment.

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