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North Korean leader receives ‘excellent’ letter from Trump

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It has been a year and the relations between the American and North Korean leaders are not turning out to be in good spirit. There is an air of hostility between the two countries. It wasn’t long before North Korean leader called out Trump and in reply Trump had to made some angry tweets. However, after a summit of the two leaders in 2018, the relations between the two countries seemed to be moving in the right direction. The bellicose remarks were being exchanged since the days of the cold war, the Singapore summit was a ray of sunshine in the sea of darkness.

After the Singapore summit, North Korean leader decided to end the atmosphere of heat between his country and the contiguous country, South Korea. Later, the North Korean leader also paid visits to China.

This year, another summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un took place. This time, the place of meeting was not Singapore, instead it was in Hanoi, Vietnam. The two leaders had met to discuss non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament. However, the two day summit didn’t conclude into some successful results. 

June 2019: An excellent letter was received by North Korea 

This is an important news, President Donald Trump sent North Korean leader Kim Jong Un an excellent letter. The White House on the other hand, declined to confirm that Trump had actually sent that letter. The letter is a renewed attempt of American president to find a way of reconciliation. Trump might have written a letter because of the visible inclination of North Korea towards China. In Asia, China, Russia and North Korea might be willing to form a block and this can be against the interests of America. USA is already indulged in a trade war with China.

At moment, U.S. administration demands that North Korea should give up its nuclear weapons in order to get international sanctions lifted.

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