North Korean elections observe 99.99 percent turnover, making Western democracies perplexed

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The world has observed different kinds of governance structures and the last known such structure in the recent times was of the kingship, which was backed by the religious word. This system gradually transformed into constitutional-monarchy and ultimately the major powers of the world transformed into democracy. The democracy is all about the rule by joint word and verdict or the public. This joint word is obtained by the voting process, the elected representatives of the public forward the chosen mandate. That is why the voting process is often given quite importance. This is important in order to help people make their desired policies using their elected representatives. The countries where vote isn’t respected are often thought to be devoid of government being run through the general public consensus.

The case of North Korean democracy has made every Western country perplexed

Western countries of the world are often thought as torch bearers of the democracy. America happily projects itself as the leader of democracy. However, these countries which are known as the leaders of democracy don’t have a voters turnover of upto 99.99 percent. North Korea on the other hand experienced a voter turn over of 99.99 percent which is quite strange for anyone living outside the country. Last time when voting took place in North Korea it was found that the turnout was around 99.97 percent.

In North Korea elections take place every four-to-five years for the Supreme People’s Assembly. All the candidates in the election are chosen by Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland. It’s criticised that the officially selected candidates are necessary to be voted as not voting for the officially selected candidates is tantamount to treason. Many North Korean defectors have claimed that voting against the selected candidates can be too risky. Any defector can end up state institutions going against him for this deviancy. It’s also criticised that the subjects of state are required to vote as it’s mandatory. The citizens of North Korea vote to select the lawmakers of Supreme People’s Assembly. These lawmakers are selected by the Democratic Front of the reunification of the Father’s Land.

What are your opinions regarding this election process? Do you believe that this election process is worthy enough to select the competent candidates?

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