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North Korea state TV airs footage of Trump saluting North Korean military officer

There had been much hype regarding the meeting of the supreme leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump. Trump even called off the meeting earlier because of the rude remarks released by the foreign office of North Korea. Though the diplomacy prevailed and Trump finally decided to pay a visit to Singapore for the Trump-Kim Summit. The meeting was long expected in the media circles thus almost every channel wanted to show the different side of the meeting.

The nuclear disarmament was supposed to be the main agenda of the meeting. Earlier North Korea had also detonated its nuclear site. The move was made by Kim Jong Un to make his ideas of nuclear disarmament clear to the west.

The journalists were kept inside a bunker in Singapore. These journalists were present to cover the highly anticipated meeting. In the bunker, live television footage was shown to the journalists to cover the updates of the meeting for their respective channels. North Korea had earlier ended the War with South Korea. The one nation (Korean) with two land masses (North and South) were united earlier after Kim went to meet Moon Jae-in in South Korea.

North Korean state TV published the first video of the President Trump meeting the North Korean leadership. In this video, Trump was shown saluting the North Korean military officer. CNN got the video and released it on their channel.

According to the CNN’s analyst, Trump should not have replied the military person in the same way. The analyst said that Trump does not even salute the American army then he should not do same with the army person of another country.

It’s unsure if Trump did that purposely or he was innocent in the entire salute exchange. Trump is a liberal guy with direct decision-making capacity, his previous executive orders say a lot about his personality. He might have considered this salute a nothing since he was already on a diplomatic mission to pacify North Korea’s threat to the world.

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