North Korea in defiance to USA builds portion of its old nuclear test site

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North Korea is a country well known for its belligerent remarks which were issued by its leader in the wake of USA hegemony. Trump too was found waging a war of words with the leader of the North Korea. However, last year the two leaders came to the peace talks in Singapore. The summit was thought to end the long standing issue of nuclear non-proliferation The USA wanted the North Korea to end its nuclear program and come towards the table diplomacy instead of going forward with a coercive policy framework. North Korea had dismantled its underground nuclear test site in bids to welcome the peace talks. Later, there came some reports that North Korea was not ready to dismantle its entire site and they were building someone in secret. There came reports that they had increased their nuclear production at hidden sites.

Then comes the recent summit between Kim Kong Un and Trump in Hanoi

Every American knows the place, Hanoi, it’s a city of Vietnam. The summit failed and no suitable conclusion was derived or no action-plan was made in wake of the de-escalation of nuclear program of North Korea. Trump had no option but to call off the summit without any joint-statement. In recent reports, it has been formulated that North Korea has started work on the dismantled nuclear sites. According to the National Security Advisor of Trump, John Bolton, he has warned that if anything like this surfaces again then North Korea should expect to face further sanctions. Trump said that US is examining the reports if North Korea has violated any thing. Trump also claimed that if those reports were true then he would be very much disappointed in King Jong Un. The Satellite images show that structure around the site were being built in a fast pace.

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