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North Korea has increased Nuclear Production at Hidden Sites, say U.S. Officials

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The Kim Jong Un and Trump Summit was termed as quite successful. Mr. Trump was seen walking and talking to a person whom he deemed not worthy enough for any gesture, however, this is the beauty of the politics and a fine manifestation of the national interest.

America being the world power has a lot of funding towards different international institutes. One of the international institutes is IAEA, Internation Atomic Energy Agency. This agency tries to promote the safe use of the nuclear power, people do not want another Japanese post Second World War incident.

The recent North Korean developments vis-a-vis its nuclear program were anticipated as being dangerous for the entire world. The world powers feared that North Korea might use its might, amidst the barbaric arguments exchange between North Korea and America. However, months later North Korea shook hands with South Korea.

U.S Agencies believe that Kim Jong Un will try hard to hide these new nuclear sites in order to get more in dialogue with Trump. Trump had earlier tweeted that there is no threat from North Korea.

South Korea is a major ally of America. Thus, some days later, Trump met Kim Jon Un in Singapore. The result of that meeting was to denuclearise North Korea. The intelligence agency reports at moment say others. It feels that Kim has not kept his promise of denuclearization.

Analysts at CIA have found that Korth Korea has allegedly increased its capacity and production of the nuclear weapon at multiple sites. These sites are hidden and Kim might be trying hard to keep them hidden. Since Kim wants to get more on the table with Trump and any news of such an increment in nuclear capability is going to hurt the diplomatic process.

The U.S. agencies believe that Kim Jong Un would have more inclination to hide those new nuclear sites. This move might be a try to counter the Trump’s tweet on the North Korea narrative, “there was no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea.” The analysts believe that Kim’s regime wants to stick to America while maintaining its least survival capability thinking this strategy to be quite essential to its survival.

Yongbyon Uranium Enrichment Plant

The realistic lens approves these analyses. The defensive neo-realism finds its root in the same concept but who is going to decide the limit to this defensive realism? The comparison will never stop and North Korea will become more and more paranoid. The growing paranoia instigates arms race.

The White House avoided a comment on the situation. The North Korean tests have stopped but this does not necessarily mean that they are going to give up on production and their huge pile stock.

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