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North Korea gets another blow shortly before Trump visits China & they ban tourism activities

North Korea gets to face a major shift in its economic situation after China halts all the tourism activities with it. The fact is worth considering that China makes this move shortly before Trump plans to make an official visit.

We all know that the North Koreans are going hard with the Americans. Both of the countries are exchanging some belligerent remarks. Donald Trump arrives in China and it was a part of his Asian tour itinerary. The tourism is one of the reliable revenue streams in North Korea and China and after banning it totally is a serious problem for North Koreans.

The tour companies operating in China are ordered by the government to halt trips to Pyongyang. The order was very unexpected and it was a devastating news for even the Chinese tour operators. Recently as United Nations has racked up sanctions on North Korea because of their secret activities of carrying out nuclear weapon tests. The nuclear weapons can be potentially threatening to both US and the entire world if they fall into the wrong hands.Though the same must apply to the every country in the world.

According to our sources, the tourism generates around dollar 44 million in revenue per year to the North Korea and around 80% of tourism happens from China. Around. 3 million Chinese travel to North Korea in a year. This news is surely going to give nightmares to the administration of North Korea. How country economic position helps it buy the right weapons for the right time depends on the money. Because of the festering tensions of USA with North Korea, the Trump visit to the Asia holds quite an importance.

Chinese tourists buy North Korean souvenirs

North Korea had already gone ahead and has created a lot of hate for the USA. They have created an ad for their weapons which shows North Koreans destroying the important places and warships of USA. They are trying to wage a far on every front.

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