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North Korea frees these US Prisoners in a historical move to please TRUMP

Three Americans who were serving their sentences in North Korea were released and sent back to the US; which is considered one of the greatest achievements by the Trump administration.

Left to Right: Kim Hak-song, Kim Dong-chul and Tony Kim

The three previously detained Americans in North Korea were welcomed back by the President himself. Upon receiving the three men Trump said: ‘We want to thank Kim Jong UN,’ the words that were not expected by anyone to be uttered from an American President.

Trump and his wife Melania received the three men at the Joint Base Andrew outside Washington. The name of the three ex-hostages are Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Tony Kim, they were called ‘incredible people’ by the President.

Trump and Melania were cheering in joy and were clapping when the men were walking down the steps with the victory signs.

Americans who were released by the North Korea walk down the steps with ‘V’ sign, which denotes victory and peace, as the President and First Lady welcome them with cheering and clapping.

These were their first steps on American soil after the release, even though the plane had landed hours earlier in Alaska for refuelling.

Trump said: ‘These are great people. Frankly, we didn’t think this was going to happen, but it did. It was important to get these people out. This is a special night for these three really great people.’

He also showed his gratitude towards the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un for releasing the prisoners ahead of time.

He added: ‘We’re starting off on a new footing. I really think we have a very good chance of doing something very meaningful, and if anybody would’ve said that five years ago, 10 years ago, even a year ago, you would’ve said, ‘That’s not possible.’

‘My proudest achievement will be when we denuclearize that entire [Korean] peninsula.’

The three men were in extreme joy when they arrived, claiming that it was like a dream come true, they gave president a round of applause for making this happen.

One of the trio, Kim Dong-chul said: ‘We were treated in many different ways. For me, I had to do a lot of labor. But when I got sick, I was also treated by them.’

President Trump, first lady Melania and Vice President Mike Pence walked with the freed Americans after they landed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland

There news was given in advance by the tweet from the President Donald Trump. Which states: ‘I am pleased to inform you that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the air and on his way back from North Korea with the 3 wonderful gentlemen that everyone is looking so forward to meeting. They seem to be in good health. Also, good meeting with Kim Jong Un. Date & Place set.’

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