North Korea accuses US to be ‘hell-bent on being hostile’ for undermining peaceful atmosphere

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Everyone knows that the relations of the USA with North Korea are not on good terms. The opposite stance of both the countries are since the times of the Cold War. The North Korea being under the influence of communist regime was totally opposite in values as compared to the United States and its under influence territory, the South Korea. Last year, the two leaders of the state met in Singapore and discussed the way forward in order to achieve peace. Before this summit between Kim Jong Un and Trump, the two leaders were exchanging some extremely belligerent and hostile comments about each other.

This time, North Korea has accused the US of being hostile and called the US actions being a cause of undermining the peaceful atmosphere. North Korea’s UN mission has released an official statement which accused Trump’s administration of applying overt pressure while it advocates for peace talks. Trump recently met Kim Jong Un, and this was the third meeting of the two leaders. The main thing on the agenda of the USA is nuclear non-proliferation. The US administration believes that North Korea should not keep on investing on its nuclear technology because one day that could be a threat to the world.

Before this third meeting, the two leaders met each other at Helsinki. The second meeting resulted into a complete useless one, since the two leaders concluded the meeting without any joint-statement on progress. It means that Kim Jong Un couldn’t offer an compliance to the US government on the core issues like missiles and WMDs. Kim Jong Un has been visiting China, and the experts claim that North Korea, China and Russia want to make a forward bloc against the West. BRICS is just one thing in this favour.

Trump had met Kim Jong Un at the Demilitarized zone. In the backdrop of the meeting, the North Korea accused US of being ‘more and more hell bent’ on hostile acts. The North Korea claimed that US was using bad tactics as it applied sanctions on North Korea just three days after the leaders of both the nations met.

The historical meeting between the two leaders took place at the demilitarised zone. After the meeting, USA and 23 other countries sent a letter to UNSC committee to take an urgent action for excess in amount of refined petroleum import. The US asserted that North Korea had imported more amount of oil.

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