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North Korea accuses US of ‘lighting the wick of war’ & says ‘it’ll answer with a hail of fire’

North Korea once again lambasted USA for starting the war between the two countries. Pyongyang has thrown the gauntlet of winning the possible war with USA using a hail of fire. The North Korean capital has used the phrase ‘hail of fire’ to assert their superiority in terms of weapons on USA. North Korea is trying hard to get on par with USA after the recent ban of North Korean operating companies in China.

Ri Su-Yong, the foreign minister of North Korea, accused Donald Trump of having ‘lit the wick of a war’ against his country saying that his country will settle the debt with a hail of fire. The tensions between North Korea and USA has festered after the belligerent remarks of both countries officials against each other. The development of ICBM at North Korea and an open demonstration has forced USA to rein in North Korea through UN sanctions.

A Russian News Agency, TASS, has quoted Ri Su-Yong as, “With his bellicose and insane statement at the United Nations, Trump, you can say, has lit the wick of a war against us.

Trump during an address to United Nations General Assembly denigrated Kim Jong-un by referring to him as “Rocket Man”. Trump addressed the convened assembly with notions of supporting both USA and its allies if North Korea puts a dirty eye. The President added that soon USA will run out of available options of patience and it will renege on its peace promise.

A North Korean propaganda video was recently released showing a simulated attack on US territories.

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