North and South Korea to make peace post-68-year WAR and Conflict, ‘American Victory?’

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According to the South Korean media reports, both the North and South Korea are getting ready to end the Korean war officially, which will happen when the leaders from both nations meet next week.

Although both of the countries are at a truce which happened after 1950-53 Korean War, both of the countries are ‘technically’ still at war as there was no peace treaty.

The media reports from South Korea indicate that both sides had been discussing plans for a permanent end to the war at the North-South summit. The source of this report is an unidentified Seoul official.

History will be made when North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un will visit South Korea to meet the South Korean President Moon at a summit that will be held inside South Korea on April 27.

Kim will be the first North Korean leader to enter South Korea since 1950.

According to another newspaper, the two nations may also discuss reducing the armed force from the heavily fortified demilitarized zone which is separating the two nations.

Another big news is that Kim is set to meet President Donald Trump in May or early June, which was indicated by the U.S. President himself.

But the White House staff is skeptical of the dictator’s sudden change of heart to hold talks.

CIA Director and Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo said last week. ‘North Korea should not expect rewards from the talks until it takes irreversible steps to give up its nuclear weapons.’

North-Korea celebrated ‘The Day of the Sun’ this weekend celebrating the birthday of Kim’s grandfather Kim Il Sung. State media released pictures of the celebrations in which the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is seen watching a performance by a Chinese ballet group along with his wife Ri Sol-Ju.

The thing that is special about this annual celebration is that there was no military parade, which is a big change and makes the future seem even more promising.

South Korea is well known to have relations with America, is this a kind of Trump victory to get Koreans on same page?

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