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Non-Smoking way to get nicotine: Philip Morris enters American market

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Research has enabled people to learn more about what’s harmful and what is beneficial for their health. Today, people are more aware then the mankind of past. Meanwhile, companies with growing concern of people are also attempting to keep their game up by not losing their consumers. Tobacco sector has a lot to play in American politics as well as economy of the early days. Currently people are pretty much concerned about vaping and tobacco smoking; therefore, Philip Morris has recently secured an article at CNN which showcases their recent launch of a non-smoking way to consume tobacco in the American market.

There is not much hype about this method on the internet. Almost everyone knows that the traditional way of consuming tobacco has some bad affects on the health of the consumer. Therefore, controlled burning of tobacco had always been a topic of interest for many researchers. Philip Morris came up with such a product in 2014, today it expands it support to the American market.

Iqos, as the name goes by, is a product which appears like some tobacco casing. It delivers controlled heat to the tobacco and it instead of burning just releases vapours, as advertised by Philip Morris. The company claims that the heating mechanism is so controlled that the device only provides original flavour of the tobacco. It has been for sale in around 49 countries since 2014.

After establishing sale units in other countries, Iqos comes in American in the Atlanta area mall on Friday. The company says that it plans to expand its sales of the heatsticks to other retailers like Cricle K and Speedways. It’ll be too early to assume the successfulness of these sticks as the idea directly relates to the number of people who are conscious enough to resort to this way. The company at moment plans to use Atlanta as a testing ground to calculate the demand of this new heatstick product.

Definitely, FDA has given an approval to this product only because as compared to the traditional burning of the tobacco the heatstick provides less heat and as a result takes out lesser toxic substances. The advertisement of these products have been limited in many ways, as the company is required to get prior approval from FDA before getting its intended ads approved to be decimated in the mass media.

Watch CNBC report on Iqos: HeatSticks

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