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No Jail term for Robin Hood who stole $1 million and gave it to the poor

Written by Logical Men

As a kid many stories were heard which had some direct and indirect influence on the psyche. These stories remain in the subconscious in a way or the other. Hence, play an important role in the character building of a person. Someone takes an inspiration to become a pilot while a kid of same age from the same ethnicity can decide to become a doctor. These inspirations can come from both real life and made-up stories.

Robin Hood was one character which can be remembered from some part of the childhood of every person. Almost everyone thought to become Robin Hood once in his lifetime. The bravery and courage to help the poor at the expense of the rich was an alluring idea which stuck with the basic belief system of most kids until they got mature.

When the financial crisis in 2009 took a hold of the entire world. A bank manager from a small town of Forni Di Sopra decided that he had to do something to help the humanity. He understood that the rich would be able to steer away from the crisis. Thus, to help the poor steer from the crony capitalism he decide to help them. 

The manager belonging to Italy could see that EU was facing hard time to prevent the country’s looming bankruptcy. He decided to make his own banking system in the small town. Thus, he took money from wealthy people into the bank and secretly started to transfer them to poor people so that they may qualify for loans. Within seven years, he had diverted 1 million euros.

The scheme went bust as many people were not able to return their loans. The system implosion turned the manager into a hero. While some segments of society dubbed him as a criminal. The authorities launched an investigation against the manager.

The investigators found that the manager never used money for his own benefit. That helped him strike a deal with prosecutors. He was sentenced in prison for 2 years. Italian law is a bit leniant for the first time offenders.

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