‘No More Guns’: Father of mass shooting victim calls out NRA’s ‘Ridiculous’ points

Written by Wamiq Ali

Father of mass shooting victim says that adding more guns is not the right kind of solution which America wants to curb down the incidents of violence. Richard Martinez, Californian resident’s son was killed in a mass shooting in Santa Barbara in 2014.

He was called on an interview at CNN to give his remarks regarding the points which National Rifle Association has raised for the promulgation of an ordinance in order to control the gun violence.
The father thinks that represented points on the agenda of gun control are merely ridiculous. In an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, the father shredded the NRA for proposing the idea of simply arming the teachers for stemming out the gun violence.

Martinez was asked about president Trump and congressional Republicans’ effort for enacting a legal clause to curb down the gun violence. The father looked rather sceptical and his mere reply was that he will believe it once he sees it.

Martinez was rather more hopeful and optimistic about the activism being carried out at the national level which could ultimately force the politicians to implement stronger measures for restricting the gun violence.

I have been working in states across the country — the momentum is with gun safety – Martinez further added.

Watch his detailed interview on CNN to get more details on the development of NRA’s policy and the comments of this victim’s father.

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