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Nicki’s brother charged with assault of his 11yo stepdaughter & claims his sister was a target in plot

Written by Wamiq Ali

Nicki Minaj brother has been charged with molestation of his 11-year-old step-daughter. They act was carried out when her mother was out for work and it is said that the stepdad carried out the act repeatedly. Jelani Maraj, 38 years old, was convicted of endangering the welfare of a child and a felony. After the court gave its verdict Jelani was lead out of the Nassau County Court in handcuffs headed towards the county jail. The judge sent the criminal to the jail with non-bailable arrest until next court proceeding.

During the court proceedings, Maraj lawyers were persistent on the fact that the girl’s mother concocted to get Nicki Minaj pay the family, dollar 25 million as hush money. In the closing arguments, the prosecutor called the claim to be an absolute absurdity.

Left Maraj, right his parents leaving the court, photo credits: daily mail

The 14-year-old girl herself told the entire story about the assaults that were carried against her by her stepfather. The girl said that her stepfather did the act twice a day and as frequently as 4 times a week.

The prosecutor further added to the court proceedings and said that the DNA evidence was recovered from the girls Pajama pants. The recovered DNA had a complete match with Nicki’s brother. It was left on the jurors to decide if the testimony of the child was credible.

The defence attorney told the court that a lawyer for the girl’s mother contacted Maraj lawyer offering that all the charges would just vanish if they paid them dollar 25 million. In the thumbnail the Nicki Minaj can be seen with her family. We’re not sure about the kid in the picture but that kid if one member of her family.

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