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Nicki Minaj trolls internet with claim of DATING Eminem the Rapper

Previously a news broke that NICKI MINAJ is dating one of the greatest rappers of all time ‘Eminem,’ she confirmed the rumours in a comment which was a response to a fan’s question on her Instagram Post.

Nicki posted a picture on Instagram to promote a single in which she is featured on – YG’s Big Bank, alongside 2 Chainz and Big Sean – when one of her fans posted the question the comment section, ‘You dating Eminem???’

‘Yes,’ was the response from the charismatic female rapper who has been linked to Slim Shady for quite a while.

This question may be the result of a verse she rapped on Big Bank, which states: ‘Uh oh/Back again/Back to back Maybach, stack the M’s/Told ’em I met Slim Shady, bag the M/Once he goes black, he’ll be back again.’

Nicki Minaj was reached for a comment but there has been no response as of this moment.

Nicki and Em’ know each other since their first single together, which was released in 2010 called ‘Roman’s Revenge.’

After the hit song’s release, the female rapper claimed that she sent the Detroit-based rapper another track before they landed on Roman’s Revenge, telling a media outlet: ‘He didn’t say, “I don’t love it”; he just said, “Can you send me something that’s a little more me??”‘

However, according to TMZ, the Anaconda rapper was ‘only joking’ about being in a relationship with ‘Eminem,’ and there is ‘nothing romantic between the two.’

Nicki and Eminem

This would have been the next big power rap couple if this was true. Fans who were cheering about this relation shared their sorrow online. Eminem rapped about his failed relationship on multiple occasions and dating Nicki was, in fact, a massive shock for all of his fans.

It was also a shock for Nicki’s fans because last year she declared herself ‘celibate’ and also claimed that she ‘hated men.’

News Source: The Sun

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