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NewYork: Bike thief regrets instantly after getting caught redhanded and publicly beaten up

Written by Wamiq Ali

A person got caught red-handed while stealing a bike on the streets of NewYork. He underwent a public trial and got beaten up. The poor guy had no idea about his luck turning black while stealing the bike.

The video got posted on Reddit and went instantly viral. Some people thought that the guy met instant justice and no one should mess up with a bike of someone’s else. The guy had still helmet on and two boys started to beat him up. They constantly reminded the thief of his mistake and told him to not steal any bike ever again.

The passersby stopped to watch the whole fight because it’s usual for people to watch the drama with curiosity. The guy started to apologise for stealing the bike. This street fight reminded me of the old Columbian environment in the time of Pablo Escobar.

I think the guy should have been caught and handed over to the police. The Americal police are not bad in providing justice. If mistakenly the thief would have been hit on some sensitive spot, then he might have been punished more for what he did to the public! Taking law in hand isn’t something good!

Make sure you are over 18 to watch the video because it’s age restricted.

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