Newspaper makes stupid typo on Julia Roberts Headline

Often typos cause a lot of embarrassment. Typos are mostly caused during the day to day commute when someone is in a hurry and writes or sends an email, message or an SMS. However, occurrence of typos in newspaper is quite an awkward thing to discuss, this newspaper Post-Journal in Jamestown made a typo which became the news of the internet. It has happened to Logical Men (publishing partner TalkOfWeb) as well, during day to day affairs mis-typing can happen.

This typo which got shared on the social media was quite unique in nature. This story was all about praising a female actress, Julia Roberts. However, the headline had an error which made this story a laughing stock.

How is this possible? There is a good amount of space between R and H on the keyboard. The author definitely wanted to write, Julia Roberts finds life and her roles her better with age. This article was all about praising for her acting in Ben is Back. However the writer of the story made a mistake and somehow it also got through the eyes of the editors of the newspaper. The newspaper after realising their mistake didn’t issue an apology to the actress.

However later in the news edition they shared a correction of the article title. This was all they had to offer. However social media enjoyed this error quite a lot and many people made fun of this error in their posts. Many women were happy with the claim of the newspaper because it’s a rare thing to happen to a woman. They in-fact shared the clipping of the newspaper in an ironical way.

Definitely a huge turn down for the newspaper administration because they don’t want any negative fame.

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