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New ‘Video Angle’ emerges of thief brutally snapping leg during package theft

Written by Wamiq Ali

It’s a thing of shame, someone stealing packages delivered right to one’s doorstep. It happens a lot and people have applied special techniques and door security cameras to avoid their delivered package from getting stolen. Still, these thieves find a way to remove that one important package right from your doorstep. A lot of thieves cover their faces just to avoid the footage.

I believe that you remember the update in which we shared the video of a package thief who snapped her leg during the theft. In that specific news, we also shared an infamous way of getting these thieves caught red-handed. Well, we appreciate that people have now security cameras installed right on their doorstep. All thanks to such a door camera, today we got another angle of the theft.

This thief got some instant Karma though she got away with the package, still, she definitely injured her leg to a great extent.

Screenshot credits: DudeComedy

The video shows a car moving slowly with a thief and her accomplice in want of some delivery package. The car stopped nearby the entry door of the house where the package was delivered. A woman came out of the car and ran towards the package to grab it right from the front door of the house.

Unfortunately, she picked up the package and as she rushed towards the car to escape the scene, she slipped on the seemingly wet grass. She somehow received a harsh blow to his leg and probably it got fractured. She desperately tried to get up, but all in vain, her accomplice after watching her lying on the floor came forward to help her get up.

The accomplice then picked up the woman and rushed towards the car. The homeowner was frustrated by the news of theft. One box in the package contained special medication. Insurance paid for some of the things but it didn’t cover replacements.

Watch the video from the new camera angle and you’ll learn more about the entire story!

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