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New Unidentified Missile Launched By North Korea – Tensions with US Fester

Written by Wamiq Ali

North Korea launched a new ballistic missile that flew about 700 Kms. The missile launch was carried out on Sunday from a region near its west coast. This was reported by the South Korean military, however, US already knew through intel that North Korea is up to such experiments and development of missiles. South Korean military said:

A possible response to the election four days ago of a new South Korean president and as U.S., Japanese and European militaries gather for war games in the Pacific.

South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff confirmed the launch of the missile. He couldn’t add more to the details as further analysis is being carried out to know the missile details. North Korea regularly tests short-range missiles. It is also been reportedly working on “Nuclear Tipped Missiles” which may be able to reach the US-Mainland. The post-long range missiles test has been called as a secret use of ICBM technology. However, media and officials yet don’t believe that a successful ICBM prototype has been yet developed by North Korea.

Some weeks back, South Koreans elected a new president, Moon Jae-in. Moon is considered a bit more liberal as compared to its predecessor. North Korea as said before is working on missile technology with all the zeal and zest, however, reports say that it has reportedly staged the launch of this unidentified missile after the selection of new U.S and South Korean president, just to gauge the reactions of this new administration. Moon also wants to have peaceful debates with North Korean leadership.

Not to forget that during the Sunshine Era of the South Korea, some aid was given to the North Korea is terms of the finance. Analysts say that this aid was particularly helpful for developments in Pyongyang for the missile technology. In the past 4 months North Korea has failed in a lot of missile fire tests, but all these tests were quite varied in nature.

Source: CNBC News

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