New Study claims that Millennials know their facts better than older Americans

Written by Wamiq Ali

A new study has made a strange claim as it appears that millennials know their facts better than older Americans. Let’s attempt to find the causes of this difference. The advent of internet has converted the world into a global village. This has unleashed the new generation to ideas from all over the world. Now whether this has created some acceptance of difference or it has given rise to an air of difference, only time will decide. However, looking at the current circumstances it appears that every group of people is trying to prove their worth to the other group of people. The older generations are attempting to prove their wisdom against the youngsters while the millennials are of the view that they understand the world better. The right-wing appears to complain about the left-wing while either group tries to form their own importance.

Millennials are normally on the left and unfortunately since they are young people all around the world thus based on their lack of experience they are often deemed as stupid and shallow. If the term millennials is considered then this appears to be quite hippieish in nature. It can be synonymous to avocado toast or hipster coffee shop.

A recent survey of people under thirties was conducted and it was found that millennials mostly don’t believe in themselves. They feel that their political opinion is not well formed which the survey concluded was not a right notion. In reality, the opposite is true. The survey concluded that millennials know far more than their predecessors when it comes to knowing the political and socio-economic facts. The millennials were also termed as a group of people who were able to tell the difference between truth and fakers with quite a precision.

Young Americans were also termed as digitally savvy. The study concluded that people
of age group 50+ were more politically divided. The older people were found to be believing facts as opinions. The study also concluded that young people were able to better tell the difference between well researched opinion and an opinion given for sake of public consumption. This study only means that older people must listen to young ones and the current generation should accept their strengths.

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