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New Police Station Footage shows Shia LaBeouf telling black cop ‘You’re Going to Hell’ cause you’re black

Written by Wamiq Ali

I don’t know what has gotten into this guy since in this new video he is telling cops while sitting in the police station that they’ll go to hell because of their skin colour. About last day we shared some videos of Shia fighting off with the officers who had come to arrest him at his hotel. Shia is surely in some deep trouble, a lot of people look at the stars for the social issues but this guy isn’t giving some good guy proof to the audience.

Last day a video was released which showed Shia doing some resistance during his arrest. We had covered the story which shows the reason for his arrest and place of his arrest, as well. You can watch the body cam footage of Shia LaBeouf arrest.

After he got arrested the officers took him to the police station, even during the way he kept on saying foul words. Today, we’ve received another video where Shia can be caught telling black cops that they would launch in hell just because of their skin colour. He even invites them to call him anything but the officers in the station didn’t take him seriously and thought to remain silent.

Shia again brought up the point of asking for cigarettes and then getting arrested. You can watch this police station video:

Shia LaBeouf recently apologised for his racist and bad behaviour. He apologised for his behaviour with those Georgia police officers who had arrested him because of public drunkenness. The actor also tweeted his response that due to the struggle with addiction he started to rant on the police.

Shia LaBeouf in Police Station

Well, Shia you must take care of what you do in the public because teenagers are looking to you as a role model. Transformers is a big Franchise and we don’t want any stain on your career.

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