New Jersey introduces Gender Neutral birth certificates

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New Jersey is set to introduce gender neutral certificates as it would become sixth US state to take such a course. The decision would be implemented from the start of the February, 2019. The parents in the north-eastern state would be able to choose three options on the birth certificate of their newly born child, namely male, female or undesignated/non-binary. This information was first provided by 12 New Jersey.

This law has been dubbed as Babs Siperstein Law, this would also allow the trans-people to change their official gender without going through the gender confirmation surgery. California, Maine, Washington, Oregon and Arkansas had already provided this option to the parents, just to give them freedom of expression. New Jersey is now set to join this group of states. New York City and Washington DC also provide this option to have a gender neutral birth certificate.

The activists in New Jersey praise this bold move

All around the New Jersey, the activists were happy because they were struggling to get this approved as a law. They believed that it was the right of the people to get themselves declared as a gender neutral. This was the act of freedom of expression.  The equality director of the Garden State said that this was much needed, as those under 16 often have to show their birth certificate while getting enrolled in school. He added that when birth certificate shows their gender at the birth time, not every school treats them equally. He also praised and welcomed the legislative shift which allowed the people to change their official gender without requiring them to get medical treatment. He further added that producing medical records on demand was kind of invasive. 

The parents were of the opinion that when kids have to declare themselves something which they are not on the documents, they often feel uncomfortable. The parents called it as a good thing and a welcoming legislative act. It’s termed as discomforting when kids don’t have their documents matching their original identity.

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