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New ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ is literally scarring people for life

The internet is full of odious things and strange challenges and people are too stupid to follow these challenges. The social media is already becoming weary of such challenges and their management is trying hard to curb down the rapid bloom of such challenges. The youth of today needs some strong lesson which may help them avoid such precarious challenges which give nothing but grief in return.

A new internet trend is already gaining a lot of attention and people are unable to fathom the motivation behind this new challenge. The internet has recently been introduced to “Hot Coil Challenge” and it has made people worry about the future of the human race.

This challenge is literally what it sounds like, the Hot Coil Challenge.

In this new challenge, people are turning on their stoves and once the coils get hot they put themselves in this dangerous situation of putting their arms right on the surface of these coils. These people pushing their arms against the hot coils are vehemently posting their videos on YouTube as if they might get an award for their stupid efforts. The promotion of such videos must be curbed down and this humble article is an effort in this regard to allow the parents a chance to wade into the murky reality of these new trends.

Dude shouts as he performs the stupid challenge.

These people involved in this new Hot Coil Challenge are mercilessly putting their arms on the stove as long as they can bear the pain and agony stemming from the absolute heated metal.

Will you like to view such a video? We can’t embed as this might be not in the best interests of some people. Though, let’s link the video, so watch it here. Stay warned that viewer discretion in this regard is highly advised.

Disclaimer: Don’t try such stupid challenges as these are detrimental to health.

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