New Father, 24, jumps on top of her girlfriend to shield her from Dayton rampage, hailed a hero

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It’s not necessary for someone to be infamous before saving someone, an ordinary boyfriend shielded her girlfriend out of pure love during the Dayton rampage. The sad incident which took place in Dayton, Ohio claimed many lives. Trump fell short of stating a possibility of modifying gun laws in one of his addresses made a couple of days back. Leaving behind those details, and moving forward in solidarity with the victims, this Ohio man who shielded his girlfriend is being called a hero.

Camryn Crowder of Miamisburg was walking with his girlfriend through the popular night life district when the calamity struck. The girlfriend named Brittany Dungey after hearing noise and an active perpetrator, decided to flee the area for sake of life security. However, the surveillance footage shows that she fell down in attempts to escape. Crowder immediately jumps on top of her to shield her from any damage. He pushes Dungey to the ground.

The guy was later approached for an interview by Dayton Daily. He told the media outlet that they had welcomed a little baby girl around a month back. The couple can be seen in the footage obtained through a CCTV camera installed on the street, struggling to get out of the clutch of the danger. After saving his girlfriend, Crowder remained on the ground for a couple of minutes, before crawling towards the street curb. During the interview, Crowder admitted that he became a human shield for his girlfriend.

I was pretty much prepared for it. I was just praying like you know, whatever happens, happens at this point.

Crowder admitted that he was pretty much prepared for everything, the die was cast and he had decided to shield his girlfriend. Dungey in a Facebook post claimed to be the most scariest moment of her life. She said that she would never want to go out again, because she felt traumatised. Crowder in a post thanked his luck to be alive and working fine. A footage of the rescue can be found here by Dayton Daily News Facebook Page.

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