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New “Cheating Text Challenge” almost gets girl murdered by her boyfriend

Written by Wamiq Ali

In this internet age, a lot of stupid challenge videos are being posted online. Some videos are so stupid that it always helps me question humanity. I don’t understand the reason behind these challenges, there was once a time when ice bucket challenge helped create a lot of charity money but today teenagers are getting involved in stupid things. I know that there are things which are meant to help enjoy life but there is a thin line between enjoyment and stupidity. One shouldn’t dare cross that line.

Now take this challenge, for example, Cheating text challenge, a girl was nearly dead for sending a cheating text to her boyfriend. A girl on Twitter had a new idea of creating a new challenge.

I think one shouldn’t pull such stunts as it can cause a lot of problems.

Look at the number of miss calls in the picture below and obviously, it looked like the dude was quite angry.

So what happened he brought the whole squad and almost got her as* beat. She even tells other to not do the challenge because she was lucky enough to escape the bad results of the challenge.

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