New ‘Beluga’ airplane might be the cutest plane ever

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Engineering in the couple of years has prospered a lot, this is all because of the research in relative fields like science of materials and manufacturing technology. The companies today are applying modern procedures in order to get things manufactured and this has created quite a lot of competition in the market. Airbus has introduced a new plane in the market and it is being dubbed as the cutest plane ever. The new Beluga airplane can be deemed as quite cute, because of its unique looks. This new kind of plane is made to look like a cartoonish beluga whale. It has a bulbous head which appears like a whale.

The decision to make an airplane look like whale wasn’t just a whim, instead this decision was carried out after a detailed voting. Around 40 percent of the votes were made in favor of this particular design. The first test flight of this plane was made in France which was arranged last year. The plane underwent some tests before officially making it a part of the flight crew. There is one thing which should be noted that this plane is not for riding, but instead it’s a cargo plane which would be used for good carrying purpose. According to thedodo, the head shape of the Beluga makes it more aerodynamic efficient. The contours of the plane make the aerodynamic friction lesser of a problem which in turn increases the efficiency of the engine. This can also mean lesser pollution emissions because of the need of lesser fuel burning. Other than the technical functions, the plane brought a lot of attention because of its cuteness. The people who witnessed the plane became quite happy. The head of the Beluga XL program told CNN that the kids know Beluga and they recognize the shape. It would be safe to call this Airplane as cutest of the planes ever seen.

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