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Never draw your own tattoo, Hilarious tattoo fail makes guy religious rather than satanic

A failed pentagram tattoo attempt can make you a religious person to the world. This guy ended up drawing his own tattoo and no wonder he failed at it miserably. The guy uploaded his tattoo game on Snapchat and soon after the story uploads his inbox started getting flooded.

Everyone was amused at him drawing a religious tattoo and showing that off on Snapchat. People weren’t expecting him to be a religious person. This is the Snapchat story which he shared, showing off his success drawing a tattoo.

Examine the tattoo and the label which he gave, the mistake is quite self-evident. If you count the corner of the stars these are six in number. The guy thought he made five cornered star. He explained it as a home job and became quite proud of what he did with his tattoo.

The realisation period came shortly after he had committed the mistake of making a wrong tattoo on his body.  People started messaging him asking if he had accepted Christianity as his faith. He got shocked at people remarks, here is a screen shot of one of his Snapchat messages released online.

The last response of the guy after realising his mistake is quite hilarious. “I’m sorry what? with a bunch of emoticons”, was quite an accurate response. The guy surely couldn’t handle the mistake which he just did and surely it would take days for him to come out of the grief.

We thought to feature this as a story just to let others know, this can happen to them as well. Make sure you are ready for every outcome before doing a self experiment. Never tattoo yourself on your own!

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