Netsh wlan hostednetwork | The hosted network could not be started

Sometimes while trying to make the hotspot in windows 7 or windows 8 everything goes fine except the part when one tries to start the hosted network using the command “netsh wlan start hostednetwork“, I previously wrote a guide on how to make a hotspot for sharing your internet connection in windows 8 or windows 7; many people are having the problem for starting the hotspot using the start command in cmd and are getting errors like “The hostednetwork could not be started“. There is some other error reported as well, telling users that Wi-Fi authentication didn’t happen which has been covered here.

The hosted network could not be started

Error “Hosted Network Could not be Started” while trying to start hosted wlan network:

Following error can occur in CMD when one tries to start the wlan hostednetwork. If you got any one of those then the solution for such kind of errors has been posted below in the second heading.

The hosted network couldn’t be started The group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the request operation.

The hosted network could not be started – Any error containing this line can be resolved with the following solution

The above errors can easily be resolved using the following solution.

Solving: “Hosted network could not be started” using “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”:

There is a pretty straight forward solution for this problem. This happens because of the adapter when it is in the sleep mode, also it can be an uninvited problem which can easily be resolved by uninstalling the adapter and then reinstalling it.

  • Right click the “My Computer” icon at the desktop and then open “properties“. In the left pane open “Device Manager“.
  • In device manager go to the “network adapters” and find your Wireless adapter there, I am supposing here that you want to make a wifi hotspot for the internet connection sharing to a wifi enabled device.
  • Right click on the wireless adapter (there must be wifi adapter word in the wireless adapter’s name) and open “properties“.
  • Go to the power management tab and make it sure that you have selected the option “Allow this device to wake up the computer” also tick “Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power” then hit ok. Save the settings and get out.

Power Management in Wifi Adapter

  • Try to start your hosted network in cmd by typing “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” if this time it starts then the solution worked but in other case if you still get the same error keep on reading.

Second solution to resolve “The hosted network could not be started”:

Again navigate to the wifi adapter in the device manager. Right click your wifi adapter under network adapters and this time click on “uninstall“. This is going to uninstall your wifi adapter driver. After you have uninstalled the driver click on the “Scan for new hardware changes” at the top pane below the file, look into the below screen shot if you can’t find the button for scanning for new hardware:

Scan for new devices in device manager

Click on the button “Scan for hardware changes” and it will reinstall your driver for the wifi adapter.

After the wifi adapter has been uninstalled and reinstalled now again start the wlan hosted network or the wifi hotspot using the command “netsh wlan start hostednetwork” this time it will start.

Update: Solve Wifi Authentication Problem on Your Device:

Some users reported us an issue of Wi-Fi authentication problem, this can be solved. Make sure you read this article.

Methods to solve Wi-Fi Authentication Problem


  • sir..i have a problem … wen i m trying to connect WiFi hotspot i made following these was successfull but in the last wen i connected wifi in my smartfone it showed saved,secured with wpa2 …!! bt i m unable to use internet ..!! plss help

  • sir when i connecet windows 8 hotspot to my iphone, after sometimes ts disconnect.then im try again unable to connect. pls solve my problem.

  • There is not power management tab in wifi card properties in my case šŸ™
    help please

  • My hotspot started but every time I turn on my computer, the hotspot is off, why?
    Is there anyway to turn it on permanently?

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    • Hotspot is created but when iā€™m trying to connect it in my mobile its showing Poor connection & its not connecting.. sometime shows obtaining IP address doesn’t get IP ever.. sometime it shows authenticating & stops at there..
      plz plz kindly solve my problem…