Netflix famous show Santa Clarita Diet cancelled

It’s not a good news, especially for me. The show Santa Clarita Diet has been cancelled. It was a funny show with a good story line. Viewers who watched the show felt happy and relieved after watching its episodes. It featured a family which included a wife, a husband and a daughter. The show had also a nerd which tried to help the family when they got into a trouble. The problem faced by the family was turning of the mother, role played by Drew Barrymore, into a zombie. The series third season would be last which was released on 29th of March.

The show was unique because it was a zombie-comedy. This combination was unique to the world. No one had ever watched some show which had dark zombie mode along with a fine comedy. A following statement was released by the streamer regarding the ending of the show.

The world had never known a ‘zom-com’ until Santa Clarita Diet, and we’re indebted to creator Victor Fresco for bringing this idea to Netflix. To their endless credit, the incredible Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant were totally game, with an uncanny knack for comedy that brought Sheila and Joel Hammond to vibrant life, even though one of them was undead. We’re grateful to Victor, Drew, and Timothy, along with fellow executive producers Tracy Katsky, Aaron Kaplan, Chris Miller and Ember Truesdell and the terrific cast, including Liv Hewson and Skyler Gisondo, and crew for three hilarious seasons for Netflix members to discover for years to come.

Netflix has cancelled six series this year. The fans of each one of these series seem to be tad bit disappointed. However, they are sure that they would be coming across such stories in near future in the shape of another drama series. Timothy Olyphant, the lead character and the guy who played the role of the husband of Drew Barrymore said that it was an honour working in the show. He further added that he loved the job.

Well, it’s time to bid farewell to the show!

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