Nerdy 7yo made $22 million playing with toys through internet

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If Forbes cover someone because of the financial worth and an impact which he creates in the world, then it is not something unusual because that person deserves that place. Forbes has covered many personalities and the moment these people are featured in the magazine, everyone understands the importance. Similarly Ryan of Toysreview was mentioned in Forbes because of his success worth $22 million which he earned while playing with toys. All thanks to the internet which gave him a gateway like YouTube to earn this fortune.

In the past people couldn’t imagine getting their voice heard through the mainstream media. One had to be popular to invite some TV channel or get something on the prominent pages of the newspaper. Today, this trend has shifted in the favour of a common person. Now, anyone can actually write on the internet and send it to millions. So, many people blog and in recent times a few people also vlog. Now, this vlog is not a proper term but it means that someone is blogging using video media.

Ryan always had a thing for trains and cars, thus he preferred to buy such toys as a kid. He is merely 7yo and he likes playing with toys like usual kids. He giggles over the Disney characters which he has in his possession and builds an entire civilization merely using Legos. This kid is definitely going to have some good understanding of art and related creativity. There is on catch, he does all these things in front of the camera. The YouTube channel of Ryan has around millions of followers. These followers are mostly from the age group of school goers.

Ryan has become a popular influencer and sensation, all thanks to these simple and short videos. He has around 17m followers and has earned 26 billion views. He had launched this channel with the help of his parents. Later this turned out to be not only enjoyment for Ryan but also a source of earning money through YouTube. Ryan was interviewed by NBC, he said:

“I’m entertaining and I’m funny,” said Ryan has he explained the popularity which made him millionaire.


Ryan does those famous unboxing videos. This kid has started to inspire other kids as well who feel like giving something to the society in return just like Ryan has done. Earnings of Ryan are channeled into Coogan account which will mature when Ryan becomes an adult, till that it would be protected.

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