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Neo-Nazi instigates fight & gets juggernaut punched in Face

Written by Wamiq Ali

This was some quick justice served to a Neo-Nazi who instigated a fight with the wrong kind of folks. Starting a fight and then not being able to hold the ground firmly can be a huge problem, the same thing happened to this guy. He started something for which he wasn’t capable enough, this doesn’t mean that we endorse his fight, in fact, we in a way are trying to communicate, “Don’t start a fight, unless it’s absolute necessary, fights started for personal gains and egos are not good enough to be carried out seriously as such things defy morality and righteousness.”

In a way, this dude started a fight which wasn’t based on good intentions thus he got a pretty quick justice served. According to the emblem which he’s wearing on his arm, it’s safe to assume that he follows something similar to German Ideologies, we might be wrong because we don’t feel like playing a quick neo-Nazi card by giving a strong verdict.

The Police covered the timeline of the events after the punch, which this guy received in his face as a result of his bellicose actions against the crowd of passersby.

After receiving the reports of the misconduct, the police reached the said place and proceeded with the following actions. According to the police the guy was wearing swastika armband.

Someone recorded the video of the punch which the guy wearing the neo-nazi emblem received. It got uploaded on the internet and got quite a lot of shares, making it go viral.

Mirror Link For Video

There was this guy on the Social Media who captured the aftermath of the incident. He uploaded the pictures of the guy shortly after he got punched right in his face. The guy was using mass commute like a railway train and he reportedly started messing up with a lot of surrounding people.


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