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Near WWII, Two HERO polish doctors, saved 8000 Jews by creating a Fake Typhus Epidemic, Germans got fooled so quarantined the area and sent them back

Written by Wamiq Ali

Men create war and men end it for some good reasons. There are many unsung heroes of the war who did a lot well in the wars but today we don’t know of their services. These two Polish doctors are among them, who saved nearly 8000 Jews during the Holocaust. They created a fake Typhus Epidemic and this fooled the Germans forcing these Jews to be sent back to concentration camps.

The Holocaust is referred as a bureaucratic murder of nearly six million Jews by Nazi regime. In historical versions, it’s been said that the Nazis who came to power in 1933 thought that the Jews must be punished for their doings. The dark era of Holocaust also targetted some other races like Slavic People (Poles, Russians and others).

However, there was a small resistance towards this movement. These two Polish doctors Eugene Lazowski and StanisÅ‚aw Matulewicz were smart enough to save around 8000 of Jews. During WWII Lazowski served as a Second Lieutenant on a Red Cross train. After Lazowski friend Matulewicz discovered that injecting half dead bacteria in a person’s body can give a positive result for the respective epidemic, the two doctors made a secret plan of the spread of typhus epidemic.

These two doctors tried to save a dozen villages using this technique for injecting vaccine from both Nazis and labour exploitation. Germans were terrified of the disease because it was highly contagious. The people infected with Typhus were not sent to Nazis concentration camps because Germans couldn’t risk themselves, instead, the whole village was quarantined everytime a news of Typhus outbreak was heard.

Typhus Aler

As the Jews found suffering from Typhus were summarily massacred by Nazis, these doctors injected the non-jews population in the surrounding as well, and this prevented the Germans from entering into local Jews population. There was a documentary made on these two doctors named “Private War”.

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